is a utility for converting an input file in Thesaurus Linguae Graeca (TLG) / Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) representation to Unicode (UTF-8).

The TLG representation consists of beta-code text and citation information.

Download (27-Jul-2021) - use unzip under GNU/Linux to extract
Download (18-May-2020) - older version
Download (27-Nov-2011) - older version
Download (05-Oct-2011) - older version
Download (22-Apr-2006) - older version
Download (20-Aug-2005) - older version
Download (6-Mar-2005) - older version

Compile using gcc tlgu.c -o tlgu

License: GPL

Read the man page (pdf or postscript or html) for more information.

Read the Hellenic polytonic HOWTO (10-Dec-2011) in html, or pdf

Download the "Aias" Hellenic polytonic keyboard variant (read the instructions in the Hellenic polytonic HOWTO): gr.aias.111210

GNU/Linux tips

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Linux Floobydust.pdf
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System back-up, cloning, restoration, deployment (30-Mar-2012)
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OrCAD III/IV SDT to KiCad (eeschema) or gEDA (gschem) schematic drawing and component source library converter
Read the man page (pdf or html) for more information.

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